Saturday, November 16, 2013

* Punks Jump Up - Fairlight (Video)

Punks Jump Up // Fairlight from Neal Coghlan on Vimeo.

Birdmask Visuals go 3D. Back in December 2012 I was approached by DJ and Producer duo Punks Jump Up to create a music video for a new track they were wanting to release this year - a giveaway to promote them releasing new tracks under their own label.
Their style is very much influenced by 80s and early 90s electro pop; synth led and with a pounding house beat. This new version of Birdmask visuals is a nod back to that time with it's bright colours and geometric shapes.
There are 2 versions of the track in the final release - a club mix and the video version. The video version goes down a more cinematic route, with bigger build ups.

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